Capital Raising

Alcamade, Inc.

Financing Amount: $750,000
Financing Date: December 15, 2016

About The Company

Founded in 2012, Alcamade, Inc. is a company whose mission is to provide inexpensive and portable alcoholic beverages through its alcoholic powder and alcoholic paste that are flavored with plant- derived ingredients. With few competitors in the market, Alcamade has already established multiple manufacturing/distribution channels and secured purchased orders for their product, all while maintaining compliance with all the necessary regulations in Romania. Alcamade’s single-serve alcoholic beverages make it easy for consumers to obtain a quality product at a low cost.


Due to the demand for its unique product, Alcamade needed sufficient capital to fulfill their orders and expand operations. With few lenders willing to participate in these kinds of transactions, Alcamade looked to alternative financing sources to provide the capital needed to propel the Company to the next stage.


While most traditional banks and lenders are uncomfortable lending oversea and/or infant operations, Alantes successfully secured a scalable $750K purchase order facility for Alcamade one of their trusted private lending institutions. This facility helped provide the early initial capital that Alcamade needed to get some traction with their current business as well as establish a stable runway for their success in the future. “This is a big milestone for our company as it allows us to fulfill the demand for product,” Says Alcamade President Vina Akbari. “Alantes really helped in finding this niche financing product that complemented our business perfectly.”

About Alantes

Alantes Corporate Finance is a private investment bank specializing in capital raises and strategic advisory for small to middle market businesses across the nation. Our team prides itself on our ability to provide unique solutions for all of your business needs. Whether you're looking to acquire a new company or additional working capital for operations, Alantes is your trusted source for business growth and expansion. Our multi-faceted approach allows us to craft creative solutions that adds value at the most critical junctures so you can focus your resources on core business activities.

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